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What actually is truth? Throughout history, many people, including philosophers, have tried to put “truth” into words and describe it. If you search the Internet, you can find many descriptions and examples. Nevertheless, in this blog posting I want to talk about personal truth and reality.

Every person on this earth sees the world differently. This has to do with the way the person grew up and we all grew up differently. Different parents, uncles and aunts, cousins, we have had our own friends and girlfriends. The way we were raised is different. We’ve had our own schools and educations. Further, society, religion and culture have influenced our view of the world. Other major contributors to our truth, are all of our own experiences that we have gone through in our lives. In short, it is impossible for a human being to see the whole picture. If no living person can see the full picture, is it possible to describe reality?

A great example of what can result when one cannot see the whole picture is the image that accompanies this blog posting. Six blind persons are scanning an elephant and they are asked to describe the elephant. The person who touches the trunk thinks the elephant looks like a snake. The ear is seen as a fan by the other person. The tusks feel like a spear. The elephant’s body is suddenly a wall, the leg a tree, and the tail feels like a rope. All the blind persons are right and yet none of the description does match reality.

In the past, we have surrendered more and more power to governments, governing bodies, banks, corporations, organizations, schools, and academies. We have always assumed that these agencies have our best interests at heart, but is this really the case? History has shown that many institutions have great self-interest. Everyone with a self-interest, also has their own view of the world and tries to direct it in a way that is best for the institution. In today’s times, self-interest has risen so high that it no longer serves the community. This too is part of the new age we are now moving into.

For the new age, I see that many existing institutions will disappear. We as humanity must once again take power and strength into our own hands. New authorities will rise but smaller and leaner than before. All people who have an interest in a particular institution will be involved in the foundation and the board. Just like the picture of the elephant, the input of all people is needed to see the full picture. Only in this way can you ensure that all interests are covered and the body functions with added value to the community. The input of all personal truths, will collectively form the reality.

The story of the 6 blind persons describing an elephant also has added value in our personal lives. Wherever people enter into a relationship, whether it is a partnership, friendship, business agreement or anything else, it remains important to respect each other’s truth. This is not always easy, especially when personal truths are quite different in certain areas. Good communication is then a basic requirement, to achieve a long synergy. Keep talking, share feelings and be open to everyone’s point of view. Where your truths meet, let a beautiful reality emerge.

Much love,
Eric Kleissen
Heart’s Desire GmbH