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Hypnosis is a more wonderful state of relaxation in which our daytime consciousness recedes somewhat into the background and opens the door to direct communication with our subconscious. And this is when the wonderful happens: thanks to this contact with our subconscious mind, where all our experiential values, feelings and experiences are stored, it is possible to uncover and break through old problem structures, desensitize emotions and anchor new, desired feelings, abilities and behavior patterns. It is a wonderful way to give your life a new direction, free from old burdens and unnecessary ballast.
I can offer you the following hypnosis methods:

OMNI Hypnosis
In 1979 Gerald (Jerry) F. Kein founded the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center in Florida, USA. Jerry learned the hypnosis technique directly from the well-known hypnotist Dave Elman. Jerry refined and added to Dave Elman’s methods.

QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique)/ BQH (Beyond Quantum Hypnosis)
Developed by Dolores Cannon in the late 1960s, QHHT began as an experimental attempt to change one’s body and the world in which it resides through hypnosis. Through hypnosis, the QHHT practitioner opens the client to their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, discovered through QHHT, offers visions from the client’s past lives. These past lives form the very concept of the subconscious mind.
This process is referred to as Past Life Regression. During the course of a session, the QHHT practitioner takes the client through one or more past lives and allows the client to experience various segments of those lives, often including the death scene itself.
QHHT is a method that establishes direct communication with the subconscious mind. The result is an infinitely expanded knowledge of oneself and the basis for a complex and multi-layered healing technique.
Since QHHT prescribes a strict script and the sessions must take place in person, some QHHT followers decided to develop a freer version in which other healing methods can be integrated and which can be performed via video call. They called this method BQH. 

Energy Healing

Remote energy healing online
In an online session of about 50 minutes, you first describe to me your situation and the areas inside or outside your body where my energy can support you. Then we both go into meditation, you focusing on receiving the energy and me focusing on sending it. Finally, we share our experiences with the energy exchange.

Remote energy healing offline
If you prefer to just receive energy, you can send an email with more information. I will let you know when I can send you the energy.

Rife Frequency Therapy

As a Rife Frequency Therapist, I operate a Rife Machine that can treat diseases and symptoms of many conditions.

Developed by Dr. Royal Rife, the Rife Machine is a frequency generator designed to support the natural regeneration of cells in the human body by generating frequency waves that are compatible with the needs of the cells. At birth, cells have a specific or “normal” frequency of well-being. However, due to mental, emotional or physical trauma or chemical toxins (internal and external, including synthetic cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs), the frequency drops to the cut-off frequency vital to pathogens, i.e. viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. These pathogens now feel welcome and settle in the cells – this is the beginning of illness and malaise. The Rife device has specific codes for hundreds of different diseases and natural frequencies of organs and body parts to support the body’s natural healing ability and facilitate the body’s return to “normal” frequency and health and wellness.

Consultancy / Coaching / Inspiration