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Welcome to the Heart’s Desire website

Alternative healing methods for health and well-being

Heart’s Desire

Everyone’s heart’s desire is to be healthy, to feel good, to be happy, to have fun and above all to be free.

Free from worries, free from recurring thoughts, free from sorrow and free from much more.

It is interestingly to know that it is within everyone’s ability to achieve this! Heart’s Desire can support you with this through:


Energy Healing

Rife / Tesla / Lakhovsky frequency therapy

Consulting / Coaching / Inspiration

Another good news is that as humanity we are moving towards a time where our hearts and feelings have an important place. The positive energies and higher vibrations flowing Alternative healing methods for health and well-beingfrom the central sun to the earth are increasing daily and this has effects on what we experience on a daily basis. To create something new, the old must first make place for it. This is something we see in society right now. Anything that has a low vibration will sooner or later crumble to make way for something else, something better.


We also see this crumbling and building process on a personal level. More and more people are wondering what they are doing. They run from one obligation to another. Despite trying their best, they don’t feel happy and certainly not free. If there are also drastic changes such as a layoff, divorce, illness, death or an accident, and they are thrown back on themselves, they really wonder what they are doing it all for. They become more and more aware of their thoughts and influence these thoughts have on the reality they experience. In other words, they wake up!


When we wake up, we notice that we actually carry a lot of old ballast. Ballast that may be released to make place for something better. Many who have initiated this process of letting go, notice that “letting go” sounds easier than it is in reality. Even though this process of letting go is unique to everyone and will have to be done yourself, help is always available for those who ask. Heart’s Desire can support you in the process of letting go and rebuilding.

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